Controversial Chef to Be Removed From Cream of Wheat Packaging

Following Uncle Ben’s decision to change its name to Ben’s Original on Wednesday, Cream of Wheat’s announced its own similar rebranding decision.

According to Cream of Wheat, the Black chef that has appeared on its packaging for over 100 hundred years is based on Chicago master chef Frank L. White. Due to backlash from consumers who found the depiction of White and the brand’s original logo offensive, the brand announced today that the chef will be removed from all packaging.

Per a statement by Cream of Wheat parent company B&G Foods, new packaging will be unveiled early next year. The brand has been reevaluating its packaging since June, shortly after the Black Lives Matter movement resurfaced worldwide.

In addition to the removal of the chef, the statement noted, B&G Foods will launch a new philanthropic program to recognize “the importance of diversity and inclusion in the culinary community.” The charitable initiative will provide financial aid and educational support to Black and Latinx prospective and current students at leading culinary schools via scholarships and other resources.

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