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A Rise in Mobile Gaming Is Changing Influencer Marketing

If you’ve spent more time solving puzzles and collecting points on your phone during quarantine, consider yourself part of an in-crowd.

In conversation with deputy brands editor Diana Pearl at Adweek’s Mobile Gaming summit, a group of industry experts discussed how the rise in mobile gaming is changing how brands approach influencer marketing in the space.

Mobile gaming has grown during the pandemic, with eMarketer estimating that U.S. adults will play mobile app games for an average of 26 minutes each day in 2020, an annual increase of three minutes. By comparison, mobile gaming increased by two minutes last year.

One major shift that’s occurring is that mobile technology is able to run higher-quality games traditionally made for the PC, such as Fortnite and Call of Duty...

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With South by Southwest’s IRL Future in Limbo, Is It Worth It for Brands to Show Up?

Key Insights

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on events in 2020, and the marketing industry hasn’t been immune. For the first time in decades, major industry events like Cannes Lions and South by Southwest didn’t go on in person. In the case of SXSW, timing—it was set to occur just as stay-at-home orders went into place around the country—meant the festival wasn’t able to do much virtual programming.

As the last few months of the year begin without an end to the crisis in sight, it’s brought a new realization: The pandemic will likely continue to impact events into 2021.

SXSW acknowledged as much this week, announcing plans for the online portion of its 2021 festival...

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Twitter Shares Updates on Its Internal Security Efforts

Twitter provided an update on some of the behind-the-scenes work it has been doing to keep its platform secure.

Chief technology officer Parag Agrawal and data protection officer Damien Kieran said in a blog post Thursday that the social network has been strengthening the checks that team members with access to its customer data, features and proprietary tools must undergo, reducing the potential for unauthorized access.

They wrote, “We have strict principles around who is allowed access to which tools and at what time, and we require specific justifications for customer data to be accessed.”

Twitter is constantly refining its internal detection and monitoring tools, which help surface unusual behavior or unauthorized attempts to access its internal tools.

Agrawal and Kieran also...

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Controversial Chef to Be Removed From Cream of Wheat Packaging

Following Uncle Ben’s decision to change its name to Ben’s Original on Wednesday, Cream of Wheat’s announced its own similar rebranding decision.

According to Cream of Wheat, the Black chef that has appeared on its packaging for over 100 hundred years is based on Chicago master chef Frank L. White. Due to backlash from consumers who found the depiction of White and the brand’s original logo offensive, the brand announced today that the chef will be removed from all packaging.

Per a statement by Cream of Wheat parent company B&G Foods, new packaging will be unveiled early next year. The brand has been reevaluating its packaging since June, shortly after the Black Lives Matter movement resurfaced worldwide.

In addition to the removal of the chef, the statement noted, B&G Foods ...

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Americans Trust LinkedIn With Their Data, But They Are Wary of Facebook

LinkedIn has earned the trust of social network users in the U.S., according to the annual U.S. Digital Trust Survey from Insider Intelligence. Facebook? Not so much.

Insider Intelligence polled 1,865 people in the U.S. aged 18 through 74 from May 28 through June 3, seeking their perceptions of nine major social networks in five categories of trust: ad experience, ad relevance, community, legitimacy and security. Here’s how the rankings turned out:\

  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • Reddit
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Facebook

Facebook was the least-trusted social platform when it came to data privacy, with 32% of Facebook users surveyed at least somewhat disagreeing that they had confidence in the platform to protect their data and privacy, compared with just 10% for LinkedIn.


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This Wonderfully Bizarre Ad for Wasabi Doritos Is a Love Note to Japan, From Brazil

A giant sea monster attacks a city and menaces its populace, with one brave woman daring to fight back. Her weapon of choice, sent down from anime heaven, is a spicy Doritos chip, which she uses to somehow vaporize the multi-tentacled beast before it can cause Godzilla-level destruction.

If that sounds like a zany setup, wait until you see the rest of this commercial, a 60-second, pitch-perfect homage to the best of Japanese pop culture, both modern and classic. There are manga and video game snippets, a cameo from a telegenic Scottish fold cat, bizarre human-snack mashups and the aforementioned supersized beast from the kaiju genre. (Though this puffy red villain looks less like a killer Toho creation and more like an angry Pokémon character).

The work comes from agency AlmapBBDO with ...

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Facebook NPE Team Tunes Up Its Tuned App for Couples

The Facebook NPE Team detailed updates to its Tuned app for couples, dividing them into three tenses: present, past and future.

Tuned was released for iOS in April, when it was described in its iTunes App Store listing as, “A private space where you and your significant other can just be yourselves. With Tuned, you can be as mushy, quirky and silly as you are together in person, even when you’re apart. Creatively express your love, share your mood, exchange music and build a digital scrapbook of your special moments.”

Product lead Sunita Mohanty detailed the updates in a blog post.

Be present with each other

  • Set your moods so that you can stay tuned in to how you’re both feeling throughout the day without having to ask.
  • Exchange notes, voice messages, cards, stickers and music to...
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How UScellular Revamped Its Logo to Show That the Carrier Puts Customers First

As telecom behemoths Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile duke it out for market share, the spotlight falls less often on America’s No. 4 carrier, UScellular. But while the Chicago-based telecom may have only 5.1 million subscribers (compared to Verizon’s 94 million), it does enjoy a low churn rate (read: loyal subscribers) thanks in part to the company’s emphasis on service. This is the network “that puts customers first” and “has its customers’ back,” to quote the website. The company’s slogan: “We speak Fair.”

It’s only logical that a brand so preoccupied with coddling customers would try to convey that mission in all of its branding. And this, as it turns out, was the impetus behind UScellular’s revamped logo, which just made its public debut.

“We’ve had the same logo...

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Snapchat and Bitmoji Users Can Deck Out Their Avatars in New Jordan Brand Gear

Nike marked the global unveiling of the new Air Jordan XXXV from its Jordan Brand by teaming up with Bitmoji on a new collection of digital apparel and sneakers that Snapchatters can add to their avatars.

Snapchat and Bitmoji users can dress their Bitmojis in the new Air Jordan XXXV, in multiple colorways, before the sneakers hit the shelves in mid-October.

The collection also includes lifestyle looks, such as Jordan 23 Engineered apparel and Women’s Flight Suit, as well as classics including the AJI and AJIII.

Jordan Brand designs will appear on the Bitmojis of Snapchat users in places including Bitmoji Stories, chat, games and Snap Map.

The collection is also shoppable via and select retailers, so Snapchatters can mimic the looks of their avatars.

Nike/Jordan Brand/Snap Inc...
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YouTube Provides More Information When Users Search Election-Related Topics

YouTube rolled out additional information panels to be displayed when people search for information related to the 2020 presidential election.

Users searching for 2020 presidential or federal congressional candidates will see an information panel with details about those candidates above their search results.

Searches for specific queries related to voter registration will see an information panel (English and Spanish) directing them to parent company Google’s “how to register to vote” feature, where they can find information specific to the state they live in, including deadlines, registration options and how to check registration status.

Likewise, searches for specific queries on how to vote will bring up an information panel directing people to Google’s “how to vote” feature, wh...

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